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About Us

Why create this online dating site?
www.DatingSitefree4all.Com has been created inthe year 2007 as an attempt to improve the services at the tip of your fingers at any hours of the day sitting at home. www.DatingSitefree4all.Com is literally a 100% FREE online dating site with free enticing,user friendly services. www.DatingSitefree4all.com is here to make a difference and help people find "the one". www.DatingSitefree4all.com promise to help singles find happiness through a safe, fun and effective online dating community with more choices, more connections, and in the end, a successful match.

Some of our features and benefits:

Millions of Singles
Search from millions of singles.

Sign-up for FREE
Create your profile on www.DatingSitefree4all.com for FREE. Describe yourself and your dream mate, then select your interests and Match Preferences, and within minutes you’ll be on your way.

Post photos for FREE
Post up to 5 photos with your profile for FREE. Photos get you noticed and enhance your chance for success!

Express interest for FREE
Express interest in others by checking the “I’m Interested” checkbox in the profiles you like. We’ll send them an email letting them know you’re interested. It’s easy and it’s free!

Chatting for FREE
You are free to Chat with the one with whom you want to.

Reply to messages for FREE
Read and reply to Mail and Instant Messages for FREE.

Matching System for free
View your matches daily for free. The Matches that we send to your email address are based on what you’ve selected for your Match Preferences.

Add visitors to your friendslist for FREE
You can add visitors to your fiendslist for FREE if it matches your preferences.

Sending emotions for FREE
You can also send emotions to your mates which is also included in the FREE service list.

Quality Control
Every member’s profile and photo is verified through a two-step computer and human screening process to ensure legitimacy and seriousness.

Privacy & Security
We are firmly committed to protecting the privacy of our members. All of your personal information is used only in accordance with our privacy provisions. Unless you give out your real name or e-mail address, it will never be disclosed.

Customer Care
Our Customer Care team is dedicated to helping you have a successful online experience. If you ever have questions, comments or concerns, please contact us.

There is another service that DatingSitefree4all has employed that is the service of "Birthday Reminder".

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