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Courtship VS Dating

What exactly is courtship? Courtship is the natural process of selecting and attracting another for an intimate relationship that may last days, months, or even years, but some lovers skip courting altogether as in cases of love at first sight or arranged marriage. Many couples stop courting or going out after they have chosen to remain together, or after they have married, or after they have children and those that do still may call these outings dates. It is a sexually abstinent friendship. The central meaning of courtship means a relationship leading up to marriage. It is a “MAN” who decides to begin a new life with his wife, and not a “BOY” dating a young girl! The most wonderful thing about courtship is there is no e pressure associated with having to have sex! Both the partner enjoys the sex when both are ready for it without a fear of anything. Dating on the other hand is a sexual worldly ritual that usually involves flirting, lustfulness, and sex that begins with the process of recreational bonding that when ripped apart cause broken hearts and heavy-laden emotions that impact the mental stability of the young girl. These dating wounds are the baggage loaded with wounded heart and whacked emotions carried from the dating scene by many young women who were unsuccessful in dating into their marriage, causing numerous problems that could have been prevented. The dating process taught them to base relationships on the “date them, dump them syndrome” which have deep impact mentally making them defensive all times with men and not to trust them even into marriage. These young women are unable to cope with the pressures of sexual relationships because they do not really know what the godly basis for marriage is. Honor and commitment are the basic factor in the courting process. Unlike courting, dating is an emotional roller coaster rider for these young girls. The damage due to dating wrecks havoc with their emotions and the past will continue to haunt them in their marriage. she may have negative feelings about sex. She may use sex has a way to get what she wants, or worse yet, she may reject her husband because of her emotions telling her how to behave in the marriage. And, still, worse yet, she may commit adultery, not really seeing anything wrong with it, since she had so many relations in the past when dating.

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