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Reason behind the Death of Dating in Australia

The reason behind the death of dating among the single Australian women is the fear of being rejected. According to a new survey, the sure shot reason for the death of dating is that more than half of single Australian women have not been on a first date are disillusioned with dating. The survey results, conducted by News poll for Diet Coke, include single women falling under the age group from 18-39 years are backed up by the census which reported that more people are single or choose to live alone in every state and territory to avoid such a heart break and stressful experience. According to Sydney psychologist Ms. Jackie Engel the first dates can be a stressful experience for women for there is a lot of pressure to appear attractive which takes away from being authentic and this particular reason seems to be driving women away from dating. She also explains that interpretation varies from individual to individual. Some people interpret dating the other way and instead of opting out of the dating game, take dating too seriously. They treat dating like a job interview, making their hours horrible and stressful. After lots of studies on the psychology working in the cerebrum of the single women on the topic of dating Ms. Engel recommended speed dating, where a group of singles meet in five minutes rotations, as a possible solution to the pressure of first dates, where time is less and there is no awkward silences and people can leave if they need to. Camilla Telford, 31, a sales co-ordinator, participated in a speed dating event and said that she liked the format as you are given only five minutes time to choose your partner. She too had attempted several times in her three years loneliness but they have never been the right person. After so many heart break, and emotional roller coster ride, she did not stop dating here but started participating speed dating. Simon Cuthbertson, 27, a promotions co-ordinator, also took part in the speed dating event and shared his scary experience. He said that dating was just as tough for single men as women and too scary to be rejected when they are not very nice about it. For instance if you approach women in a pub casually many of them will think straight away that you are a tat and you just want to do anything to impress them to have sex, which is not applicable for every person. According to him speed dating was a good way to meet people, and that he would try the new format of dating again.

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