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Does an age gap affect Dating.

Does an age gap matter when you are dating? If the person you are dating has odd grey hair or displaying lines of age on his skin, then what will you do? Will you continue your relationship in dating or will say Good- Bye? Dating with an old man need lots of thought so that it does not create any problem in future. Yet while a difference in age is often a matter of concern, but if he is the right one for you, the future can be bright for your relationship. There are, however, some points of consideration when dating a man who may be many years senior than you. One of the first things you will become aware of is the attitudes of others like your friends, family and society to your relationship with their opinion of why a younger woman may date an older man. For your friends of same age, may feel as though you are bringing someone into their circle who will not be able to fit in. Dating with a a few years older does not necessarily mean a completely different outlook. Family may well be concerned for you as an older man is often seen as more likely to be dominating over his younger partner. Your job is to put their minds at rest by pointing out, that if you are happy, with your selection then they should be happy for you. Once your family see that you are in a positive relationship with a man on dating who happens to be a few years older than you, his age will become irrelevant. One of the little things that can really highlight an age gap on dating is your very different memories from childhood, particularly TV culture but however, it can be avoided by creating your own shared history together. Another potential source of difficulties is the stage of life you have both reached on dating by the time you get together. Short term relationship does not matter but it does matter if you are looking for a long haul. The biggest “stage of life” issue is that of children where the interest of both must match. The relationship is not going to last when there is difference in thinking. Another potential hurdle to your feelings arises when he reaches old age before you. Will you end up as a full time carer or act as before? It is always worth thinking through the pros and cons of any relationship or taking major decision in life.

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