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Loneliness as a key factor in Dating Scams

Lonelines at any stage of life is very difficult situations to cope up with. Every person need someone to share their feelings. People belonging to such groups easily falls in the trap of dating scam but those having strong will power utilise their lonely hours by engaging themselves in some profitable work and strictly avoiding dating. I met a lady who is middle age, lost her husband at a very early age of 20 in a war, spend rest of her life for her son, fighting back all her emotional swings and paying more concentrations in her household work and her hobby of stitching thus preventing herself from dating scam and leading a saintly life. This type of life is very difficult and can be followed only by few. Some women, prefers online dating to get out of their loneliness. Most of them prefer to date any available person, provided he could give them the attention they so craved, than live alone by themselves. This is the mistake which many lonely people do it. online dating has become like an addiction for many lonely women and they do not want to calculate what is correct and what is wrong. What matters them most is that they are no longer lonely. Many women are in similar shoes, although the situations and persons involved may vary giving space to the online dating scammers. This shows that loneliness is a key factor that is driving many thousands of people into the online dating scene and allowing the scammers to prey upon them. Online dating scammers are always found standing upon one leg to prey upon to operate successfully to get hold of their target. They do all that they can to give maximum attention to their targets, and go the extra mile to attend to them spending money on flowers, clothes, chocolates and other gift items on ordinary days, and on special days too, as they know these are the weakness a woman carries with her. The online dating scammers do not miss a chance of impressing the lady because they very well know that sometime intentionally and sometime unintentionally family and friends forget to wish her on special days and if they can make their place in her heart by remembering her on the special and unspecial days then they will be the winner. The best way to deal with the online dating scams is to educate yourself about it so that you can prevent it from happening to you or your loved ones.

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