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Speed Dating in the of Cyberia

According to Marketresearch.com, online dating services have skyrocketed in popularity since 2001. The Web has revolutionized this business and has brought affordable and convenient matchmaking to the masses including singles. Speed dating, earlier, was an alien concept and many found it an obscure concept. In today's hectic world when Maggi - the 2 minute noodle rules the stomach, it will be wise to think that the heart too cannot wait any longer. Speed dating is the best remedy for the bleeding heart. In today's hectic world finding someone you want to date can be challenging. Speed dating is picking up and cyberia is providing the perfect plat- form for single isolated souls to unite. Speed dating, websites are sincerely depositing all their effort to help Jewish concept of dating to continue and provide singles a more effective and sensitive way to meet their dater through 7-minute and named it "SpeedDating". Hats off to those who dare to modify an age-old Jewish dating technique to work in today's world and literally hundreds of organizations have copied the idea of speed dating to such an extent that it has become a worldwide phenomenon. The SpeedDating approach results with happily married couple. What initially started as a Jewish concept is now a major success in the US, Europe and Far East Asia as SpeedDating. Speed dating is highly responsible for fuelling the huge growth of dating industry. It leads to instant love which has universal appeal and is set to be the modern trend to help single men and women tie the nuptial knot because conventional matchmaking methods for single men and women were not as successful as speed dating allowing the participants to meet as many single men or women within a short time frame. The Klang Hokkien Association is interested in organising such matchmaking sessions as it was concerned about the dwindling Chinese population. This Association also helps in fixing date where the men and women interested in each other are invited to continue their relationship further resulting in nuptial knot. It has been rightly said by somebody that "The quickest way to receive love is to give; the fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly; and the best way to keep love is to give it wings". Instant love which was seen with suspicious eyes or rarely heard earlier has taken the dominant position on the ground of emotion in this age of Cyberia.

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