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Facts on Teenage Courtship

Dating and courting are two different panoramas of life. Do not let the culture bamboozle you into believing that you should participate in sexual relationship before marriage when dating. The whole idea of dating and everything that goes with it is so much complex that the teenagers need to be cautious while having this crazy emotional roller coaster ride. Remember 'birds of same flock' behave in the same way, so try to avoid those social group who believes in having sexual relationship to make dating successful. This is nothing more than a deceitful tale. The sad fact of having sex when you are dating will damage your heart, mind and soul, and your bitter experience will have deep impact on your married life. Your unsuccessful several sexual relationships as a teenager, will create unhealthy married life. It will prevent you to enjoy the beauty of sexual union that a husband and wife share together because of what you experienced with some strange boys in school. Unpleasant dating games lead to negative feelings about sex later on in your married life keeping you on guard with your husband. Remaining sexually abstinent during dating is the best way to avoid all this turmoil later in life. It is not so difficult to avoid such situat- ions if your will power is under your control or otherwise get ready to fall into its trap, which will most likely obscure your whole way of thinking. For instance,if a young girl has only one breakup in the new cultural rituals of dating and having sex, she is more likely to get a divorce later on in her marriage and if these breakup are often everytime changing from one partner to another to have a relationship with will prepare a girl to do the same for her marriage making her married life inconsistent as she knows that she can just dump her husband, and remarry. It is very sad to see that for many, the “dating and dump” syndrome is carried forward into marriage, leading to, so much divorce today. Newly married couples are using the same culturally immoral foundations they grew up with in school for their marriage later in life leading shaky and short lived relationship. It should be remembered that nothing is more important than your happin- ess. Someday you will find love, get married and be all that you can be, instead of rushing into all this dating stuff, especially when you are not ready for it.

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