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Traditional ways of dating are now out of market

Most singles are all fed up with traditional ways of meeting people so they tend to avoid dating. Gone are the days where a guy can confidently call a girl to date, court her, and ask her out. Have been burnt previously by a past relationship on dating, girls have become much more independent and clever and When they go out, they are usally two or three in their numbers. Nowadays they do not care to spend time with any guys as long as they have a good time. There is a paradigm shift in the field of dating When a 'nice' guy comes along, most girls will shy away because 'nice' these days translates as boring and unchallenging. Now the shoe seems on the other foot because if we look back few years ago, it was the girls who used to complain that men do not want to commit, now the men complains about the same. Due to some unlawful act by some men on the dating scene, genuine men seems to suffer. Most women have had enough of being exploited, and now want to party. They go out with 2 or 3 of their girlfriends and stay with their girlfriends all night and not 'work' the room for men. Girls will generally not hand over their phone number but will be happy to email. Other traditional methods that are not working are Bars, pubs and Nightclubs, because they are too noisy, too smokey, to date. Introductions and Dinner Parties hosted by married friends prefer to entertain more couples, thereby lessening any chance that singles have of being 'matched up' because they are the 'odd man out'. On Line Dating also suffers from a few maladies of people lying about who they are, what they do and how old they are. Dater who prefer to email all day long and never want to meet face to face. At some point, people have to meet face to face to allow the chemistry to 'kick in', and online dating prevents from such spontaneity and excitement. Singles events and dances etc especially arranged for the single are also not working because such events are plagued by the stigma that the only people that go to these events are LOSERS and DESPERADOS! Therefore many singles avoid such events to be marked as LOSERS. One of the trendiest things to do now is to go non threatening 'speed dating' or 'fast dating' with 10 single guys, 10 single girls, 6 minutes to spend getting to know someone before moving along to the next person.

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