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Discard shyness and start dating with a kick of confidence

There are many people who become nervous when they are about to meet new people, because they place too many expectations on the outcome of the conversation. It is not said to remove all expectations from the conversation but you should figure out what type of outcome you want. Rewarding dating depends on your self confidence and how you value yourself. Shyness can cripple you to the point where you could do nothing and watch other men go home with the beautiful women, so start dating by rekindling the fire in you. At first you have to discard your negative feelings about yourself. Research shows that directing your thoughts in the negative directions will make you a loser and good for nothing. Therefore it is advisable to stop unnecesary worrying and approach this encounter with a positive attitude and feel the sea change. Program your mind into thinking that you are just going out for merry dating with someone and do not miss to get hold of the golden chances of togetherness if the traffic signal from the other side is green. Keep the burning desire of making your dating successful with positive thoughts. Build confidence in yourself and laugh at yourself to ease any tension that you may have. Remember face is the index of mind and laughter can be very helpful that will surely put you in a happy mood thus hiding your inner tension. Take deep breath before you start dating. Learning how to attract opposite sex is something that must be practiced till you become perfectionist. If you take the time to practice your conversation skills and find out what works in different scenarios, you will discover it is easy and feel comfortable With such exercise that will give you momentum in your thought. Hang a board saying "NO ENTRY FOR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS" outside your memory gate that will remind you always to relax and help you achieve successful dating without worrying and hurrying. Get dressed with a knock them dead look and a confidence to match with. Go out and strike up a snappy conversation with that date of yours. Be bold and take the first step in starting a conversation, with something light topic and you will be surprised to see the reaction of the other person. This easy going impression of yours will have a deep impact on your date, leading to a successful dating.

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