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Use the traits of charm-boy while still retaining your nice-guy value

It is very embarrassing and shocking when a woman leaves her mate for the sake of another handsome guy who does not treat her right.These kinds of men have been called "bad boys", or "players".You can avoid such embarrassing dating just using the traits of charm-boy while still retaining your nice-guy value whether you are dating offline or online. Offline dating requirements are little different from the online dating. Dating offline means meeting the person physically where you need to be spontaneous, unpredictable, mysterious, and act as if you do not care what others think of you, without violating your own (principles) just like the charm boys who follow their own rules of dating and do not let others (including their dates) walk all over them. You also have to groom yourself to look handsome when dating offline. Only thing you do not need is taking risky behaviors in order to succeed with women on dating. You are the man many women are looking for, who is confident and decisive, and can be relied on to get things done. On a date, take command but do not be pushy. Do not act nervous, pay attention to your date and let her talk. This is where nice guys have an advantage over the players. Most women like to communicate verbally and welcome the chance to be heard. She will be impressed if you remember details about things that are important to her and not to be forgotten neatness also counts. If you are dating online, review her profile for questions you can ask her about her interests. Just because you are dating a woman does not mean you drop everything else of your interest and importance. Never let yourself always available at her beck and call after all, relationships can come and go. Keep your backbone straight and keep being yourself. Telling her no when dating may be difficult for nice guys when you really want to avoid, but if she is understanding, she will surely respect you for this and value her time with you more. To soften the blow, you might offer her an alternative get-together. If you are looking for a long term relationship then do not forget to evaluate her by working on the topics like; Does she deserve a second date? Is she interested in material relationship? Is her behavior well? Does she have decent self-esteem? Is she kind and giving?

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