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Commercial dating services

Earlier it was found that most people met their dates at social organizations in their daily life, or are introduced through friends or relatives, but in the last five years, mate-finding and courtship have undergone sea- changes due to online dating services or you may defined it as commercial dating services that emerged strongly, but discreetly, in the Western world after World War II, mostly catering the emotional support for the singles lying between 2544 age group. "Pre-dates" can take place by telephone or online via instant messaging, e-mail, or even video communic- ation but the only disadvantage is that, with no initial personal interview by a traditional dating agency head, the internet daters are free to hyperbolize or lie about their personal details. The whole proces of finding your prospective partner lies on web-based systems. Though online dating services took some time, but now, one in five singles is said to look for love on the Web, which has led to a paradigm shift in dating patterns. A recent study indicated that "women pay to contact men" as often as the reverse. Isn't it queer and quite different from behavior in telephone-based dating systems. Research in the United Kingdom suggests that the market was growing at around 20 percent a year due to, the very low entry barriers to setting up a dating site, and the rising number of single people. Even academic researchers find it impossible to find precise figures about crucial statistics, such as the ratio of men to women in an dating agency's membership. The modern trend of singles making a Web connection continues to increase, as the percentage of North American singles who have tried internet dating has grown from two percent in 1999 to over ten percent today as published in Canadian Business, February 2002. This growing trend is reflected in the wallowing or triumphing popularity of online communities such as Faceparty, Friendster, Facebook, Facebox, MySpace, and Nexopia sites which are not directly pitched toward dating, but many users yet use to find potential dates or research a new acquaintance to check for availability and compatibility. More than half of online consumers know someone who has started a friendship or relationship online, and three-quarters of 18-to-24-year-old online consumers say they do. There is also some academic evidence that explains that the singles between 1825 age group has significantly taken up online dating. Though commercial dating is spreading like a fire among the modern generation, there is still plenty of room for traditional matchmakers to flourish.

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