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Time and Place for Dating

If you have finally decided that you would like to take an online virtual dating to the next level of meeting the man in person surrounded with mixed emotion of anticipation and anxiety, place or location and time for dating becomes an essential matter of concern. Hour of the day can be a clue to predict what may or may not happen on the date. For example: Daytime or the first hour is almost always casual, a lunch date or coffee break, shows vague interest, midday meetings seldom get physical, so it works well for people who want to start slow, nighttime is more romantic, early evening dinner sends the message that there will be a little time to make love before calling it a night, a movie mid-evening, sends the message, of spending a quality two hours not talking and afterwards at least have the discussion on movie,a late night coffee or dessert, definitely does not spell a long term proposal as it either goes so well that you will not want to say goodnight or it goes very badly if someone has to wake up early for a meeting. Still late night dating do not leave much time for real conversation to develop, so a successful dating tactic, depends on the goal achieved. Weekends dating are a sign that shows the possibility of wanting to immediately spend more time together. Next comes the location for dating. Before arranging the location for dating your safety should be your first concern. Joining someone in a public place can serve multiple purposes. Some people feel more comfortable when situation like accepting someone or rejecting someone making a quick exit from a crowded area. Choosing to meet at your place or his is not safe. Arranging a place for dating away from public places obviously leads to the possibility of things becoming physical fast. Going for a date varies from person to person as some people are shy enough meeting someone new without being surrounded by a crowd of other strangers whereas some folks want to meet on their turf and would feel less confident on unknown place. Finally, sometimes it is just easier than trying to find somewhere quiet and intimate to talk where you will both feel comfortable and there will not be any external pressure of leaving the table or pay the cheque. In matters of communication, always remember that it is much easier to be rejected or say “no” to someone else’s advances from the safe distance of cyberspace than it is to meet the person bodily in a strange place or in front of your own door. Convey the other person upfront about what type of relationship you expect with that person. Try to understand the signs of place and time.

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