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Dating Tips
Few suggestions on Safe Dating through the Internet

Communication and meeting new people is one of the benefits of using the Internet, but when talking with strangers via email, chat rooms, forums or instant messaging, you should take special care revealing your personal information, however long you have been communicating with them. Here are some necessary precautions that one should follow.

1. Use DatingSitefree4all Messaging until you are comfortable..
Using this online messaging, until you feel comfortable that the person is being sincere, thus you can also determine whether a connection made through this service is worth exploring further.

2. Do not reveal personal information..
It is suggested that you should exchange personal information only after you feel comfortable, since your contact is anonymous by email.

3. Safe to meet in a Public Place..
In terms of meeting it is safe to meet in a public place until you feel comfortable with someone.

4. Better to meet in a Group or bring a Friend..
To make yourself feel more at ease, when arranging for a personal meeting, then go out in a group or bring a friend along.

5. Set Up Free Email for this service..
You should make maximum use of free email systems out on the web, to your advantage but remember to write down your new password and member ID somewhere. This is especially advisable for people accessing the internet from work.

6. Ask for Personal References..
Ask for a personal reference or two to be more comfortable.

7. Avoid monetary transaction..
Be aware of the scam artists that are found everywhere, maybe even in the singles world. Don't let anyone to scam you for money.

8. Give your work number and not your personal phone number when asked..
It is suggested to give out the work number, if you have some personal space in your office to talk on the phone, before you decide to exchange numbers.

9. Do not go against your instinct..
You can judge a person if you walk wearing his/her shoes. It is suggested not to take decision in haste. Instead, make your decision after having a personal meeting. Listen to your own instincts before you go for long term relationdhip.


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