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        Bimetallic screw Features
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        Screw refrigeration compressor as a rotary refrigeration compressors, both piston and power type (speed type) the characteristics of both.
        1)Compared with reciprocating piston refrigeration compressors, screw refrigeration compressor has a high speed, light weight, small size, small footprint and low exhaust pulsation number of advantages.
        2)screw refrigeration compressor is not reciprocal mass inertia forces, dynamic balance of performance, smooth running, small vibration base, the foundation can be made smaller.
        3)screw refrigeration compressor structure, small number of parts, not as valves, piston rings and other wearing parts, its main friction parts such as rotors, bearings, relatively high strength and abrasion, and lubrication conditions Good, therefore less machining, low material consumption, long operating cycle, using more reliable, simple maintenance, is conducive to manipulate automation.
        4)Compared with the speed compressors, screw compressors have forced gas transmission characteristics, which is almost free from the influence of the exhaust gas pressure displacement, surging phenomenon does not occur in a small displacement, working in a wide within the operating range, you can still maintain high efficiency.
        5)using a slide valve control, can achieve energy stepless adjustment.
        6)on the inlet screw compressor insensitive, it can be used injection cooling, so the same pressure ratio, exhaust temperature is much lower than the piston type, so a single stage pressure ratio.
        7)no clearance volume and therefore high volumetric efficiency.

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